"Chaos on Day One"
Episode Information
Season: Survivor: Borneo
Episode Number: (1/14)
Episode Chronology
Next: Peaceful and Easy Night
Chaos on Day One is the first episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Quest for Fire
Tribes must guide a raft they lit a series of torches along the way. Throughout the challenge, tribe members must have a hand touch the raft at all times. Upon reaching shore, the tribe must lit the remaining torches before setting their side of the fire spirit ablaze. First tribe to set fire on their side of the fire spirit wins the challenge.
Reward: Tribal immunity and 50 waterproof matches.
Winner: Tagi

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 1: PagongEdit

Tribal Council 1:
Miguel Carrillo S1
Miguel (6 votes)
Jennifer Bond S1Carolyn Roberts S1Devon Shelley S1
Kayla Gonzales S1Thomas Bowser S1Ronald Mueller S1
Jennifer, Carolyn, Devon,
Kayla, Thomas, Ronald
Jennifer Bond S1
Jennifer (2 vote)
Miguel Carrillo S1Joan Barnett S1
Jose, Joan
Miguel Carrillo S1

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

"(Voting Jennifer)" Girl, tonight. It's me or you and I'm here to stay.


"(Voting Miguel)" You came after me out of all people...bad move. Very bad move.


Final WordsEdit

This sucks. I thought I had the votes to stay. I guess not but that's the game, right? Oh well. I'm going to keep my head high.



  • This episode title was said by Jennifer Bond when she found out her name was being tossed out.
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