Hidden Immunity Idol
Survivor Gameplay
Description: Used to save oneself or others from getting voted out
Appearances: Africa - present

The Hidden Immunity Idol (also known as the "Hidden Idol" or simply as "the idol") is a pocket-sized talisman, and is widely believed to be the most groundbreaking twist ever to be created on Survivor. Its purpose is to, one way or another, prevent the user from being voted out in a Tribal Council vote. The idol has influenced many of the contestants' strategies, whether they use the object, or defuse its powers. The Hidden Immunity Idol made its debut in Survivor: Worlds Apart, and in seasons containing the Exile Island twist, the idol is often hidden there.

It is not to be confused with the tribal Immunity Idol or the individual Immunity Necklace, as the Hidden Immunity Idol is not won at challenges, and is flexible as the found idol is not forced to be applicable on only the following Tribal Council. However, clues to the whereabouts of the idol may exist at camp or may be given to the winners of a Reward Challenge.

Hidden Immunity Idol HistoryEdit

Season Found By Given To Episode Used Voted Out With? Successful? Victim
Survivor: Africa Mark Joyce
Mark Joyce
Mark JoyceRoy Sosa
Mark Joyce → Roy Sosa
Episode 10 No Yes Tracey Kersen
Tracey Kersten
Joseph Justus
Joseph Justus
N/A N/A Yes N/A N/A

Trivia Edit

  • Joseph Justus is the first player to be voted out with an idol.
  • Mark Joyce is the first player to use an idol on someone else.
    • He is also the first to use an idol successfully.
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