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Legacy Advantage
Survivor Gameplay
Description: A game advantage that is provided early in the game, may only be used much later in the game
Appearances: Fiji
Sri Lanka
Game Changers

The Legacy Advantage is a twist introduced in Survivor: Fiji and returned for Survivor: Sri Lanka, Survivor: Montserrat, Survivor: Camarines and Survivor: Game Changers.


The Legacy Advantage is a secret advantage that can only be used at certain Tribal Councils. If the castaway wielding the Legacy Advantage is eliminated anytime earlier than the said day, the castaway must will it to another castaway still in the game. Through the player's final words confessional, the person voted out with the Legacy Advantage will state who will inherit the advantage note. The advantage would then be tucked by production inside the new owner's bag in private. This goes on until the advantage's intended day of use. The holder has a choice between choosing Day 36 advantage, in which it can be played similarly to a Hidden Immunity Idol at that night's Tribal Council. If the holder chooses the Day 39 advantage, the player will have an extra vote to win if he/she makes final 3. If the player chooses Day 39 advantage and gets voted out on Day 37 or 38, the player will have 2 votes for a winner.



The Legacy Advantage was first seen in the Survivor: Fiji marooning where it was nestled beneath the supplies scattered around a beach, where Jocelyn found it. After Jocelyn was voted off on Day 15, she left the advantage to Liberty.

On Day 36, Liberty was allowed to read the contents of the Legacy Advantage envelope, indicating that he has a choice between Day 36 Advantage or Day 39 Advantage. She chose to take the risk and keep the advantage until Day 39. She made final 3 and was able to vote for herself to win at Final Tribal Council after all other jurors voted for a winner. It was revealed on finale night that the vote tied 5-5, she ultimately lost when her fellow runner-up chose Jaylen to win.

Legacy Advantage History[]

Season Hiding Place Found By Willed To Advantage Effective?
Fiji On the boat during the marooning Jocelyn S14.png
Liberty S14.png
Day 39 Advantage
Additional Vote To Win
lost season
Sri Lanka Won At Challenge Island Angelica S24.png
None Day 36 Advantage
Used Like Immunity Idol
negated 4 votes
saved from re-vote
Montserrat Awared at Exile Island Box Cheyenne S25.png
Amie S25.png
Day 39 Advantage
Additional Vote To Win
won season
Camarines Won At Challenge Island Mattias S32.png
Benito S32.png
Day 39 Advantage
Additional Vote To Win
won season
Game Changers On the boat during the marooning S36 Sean.png
S36 Alena.png
S36 Erich.png
Day 36 Advantage
Used Like Immunity Idol
negated 0 votes