Survivor Gameplay
Description: The coming together of all rival tribes
Appearances: Every season

A merge is the coming together of the two or more competing tribes into a single tribe. This means that the tribes will now live as one in one camp until the end of the game Day 39. This also signals the game's halfway point and typically is near the start of the jury phase.

The initial merged tribe can contain anywhere from 10 to 13 members.

The merge signals the halfway point of the game as it often takes place during days 18-21 or thereabout. It is where the castaways will live as one new tribe until the final day of the competition. Once merged, they will receive a blank tribe banner (with a new color), new buffs, and poster paint (as they will be painting their banner). They would also have to christen a name for the new tribe. From this point forward, the game shifts from a team-effort competition into a individual game, although some challenges would still be team challenges. The final two or three would then face the jury on the last day of the competition at the Final Tribal Council, where the jury decides who will be the Sole Survivor.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Due to the nature of the merge, the game shifts from a team effort to an individual affair. Certain post-merge challenges, usually for reward, may see the tribe temporarily divided up into two or more teams, with one of these teams winning the challenge.

Tribes[edit | edit source]

Season # of
Tribe Name Day Merged
Survivor: Borneo
10 Rattana Day 19
Survivor: Africa
10 Moto Maji Day 22
Survivor: Java
10 Malang Day 22
Ecuador Logo.png
Survivor: Ecuador
11 Atacashe Day 20
Blood vs Water.png
Survivor: Blood vs Water
12 Lanakila Day 18
Papua New Guinea.png
Survivor: Papua New Guinea
10 Kokopo Day 19
All Stars.png
Survivor: All Stars
13 Sambo Day 20
Nepal Logo.png
Survivor: Nepal
11 Badalā Day 19
Palawan Logo.png
Survivor: Palawan
12 Bohol Day 22
Survivor: Cuba
12 Havana Day 20
Survivor: Worlds Apart
12 Granada Day 18
Survivor: Cagayan
11 Solarrion Day 19
Japan Logo.png
Survivor: Japan
12 Shima Day 20
Survivor: Fiji
13 Vula Day 20
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
10 Yin Yang Day 25
Survivor: Anarchy
20 Anarquía Day 1
10 Explotar Day 24
Survivor: Tokelau
12 Nalope Day 18
Mexico Logo.png
Survivor: Mexico
12 Ocixem Day 18
Survivor: Myanmar
11 Inya Day 20
Madagascar Logo.png
Survivor: Madagascar
12 Miaraka Day 21
BvWII Logo.png
Survivor: Blood vs Water II
12 Madaya Day 18
Survivor Mamanuca Islands Logo.png
Survivor: Mamanuca Islands
12 Jabeni Day 21
Peru Logo.png
Survivor: Peru
11 Misti Day 20
Sri Lanka Logo.png
Survivor: Sri Lanka
13 Aknal Day 20
Survivor Bali.png
Survivor: Bali
10 Sama Day 22

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Merges with the color black have the most consecutive of 5.
    • If you don't include the "Anarchy" type merge tribe.
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