"Peaceful and Easy Night"
Episode Information
Season: Survivor: Borneo
Episode Number: (2/14)
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Chaos on Day One"
Next: Holding The Cards Tonight

Peaceful and Easy Night is the second episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Survivor Sumo
One member from each tribe faces off on a platform surrounded by water. Using their padded bags, or any other body part other than their hands, they must try to knock each other off the platform. Doing so would score their tribe a point. The first tribe to reach a certain number of points would win.
Winner: Tagi

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 2: PagongEdit

Tribal Council 2:
Joan Barnett S1
Joan (6 votes)
Jennifer Bond S1Carolyn Roberts S1Devon Shelley S1
Kayla Gonzales S1Thomas Bowser S1Ronald Mueller S1
Jennifer, Carolyn, Devon,
Kayla, Thomas, Ronald
Jennifer Bond S1
Jennifer (1 vote)
Joan Barnett S1
Joan Barnett S1

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

"(Voting Jennifer)" I can't wait to see your shocked face when you go home.


"(Voting Joan)" The fact that you think you're staying tonight will make this tribal council so amazing.


"(Voting Joan)" I'm sorry I had to lie to you tonight. It's to advance myself in the game. Best of Luck to You.


Final WordsEdit

I am really shocked. I was told the plan was Jennifer tonight. I should have figured out she wasn't going home tonight after the previous tribal. I can only blame myself.



  • This episode title was said by Joan Barnett describing tonight's tribal council.
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