Rachel Phelps

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Contestant Profile
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Survivor Career
Survivor: Ecuador
Tribe(s): Atacazo
Finish: Co-Runner Up (2/18)
Votes Against: 0
Days Lasted: 39
Survivor: All Stars
Tribe(s): Minas
Finish: 20/20
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 3

Rachel Phelps is a contestant from Survivor: Ecuador and Survivor: All Stars.

In Survivor: Ecuador, she was with the winning tribe, Atacazo, for the pre-merge of the game. However, when the merge hit, she played more of the underdog role in the game. Even throwing her tribe members under the bus to remain in the game. She is remembered for her rivalry with Lucas Brooks. However, due to the jury not liking her gameplay she was tied with 2nd.

In Survivor: All Stars, her tribe members saw her as one of the best strategic players and voted her out first.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Age: 25
Current residence: Jersey City, NJ

Survivor[edit | edit source]

Survivor: Ecuador[edit | edit source]


Survivor: All Stars[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

Statistics of Rachel Phelps
Seasons competed: 2
Days lasted: 42
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins: 7
Individual wins: 1
Total wins: 8
Tribal Council
Total votes received: 4
Exile Island
Times exiled: N/A
Redemption Island
Duels won: N/A
Days spent on Redemption Island: N/A
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