Selina Kelsey

Selina HvV

Selina S11

Contestant Profile
Hometown: Mesquite, NV
Survivor Career
Survivor: Worlds Apart
Tribe(s): Nagarote
► Masaya
Finish: Winner
Challenge Wins: 7
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 39
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Tribe(s): Villains
Yin Yang
Finish: 8/20
Challenge Wins: 6
Votes Against: 4
Days Lasted: 31

Selina Kelsey is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Worlds Apart. She later returned for Survivor: Heroes vs Villains


Name: Selina Kelsey (26)
Tribe Designation: Nagarote

Survivor Edit

Worlds Apart Edit


Heroes vs Villains Edit


Trivia Edit

Statistics of Selina Kelsey
Seasons competed: 2
Days lasted: 70
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins: 9
Individual wins: 3
Total wins: 12
Tribal Council
Total votes received: 8
Exile Island
Times exiled: N/A
Redemption Island
Duels won: N/A
Days spent on Redemption Island: N/A
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